June 17, 2020
High Art can be defined as art that strives to capture humanity in its ideal form: humanity at its most perfect state. The value of art has a wide range of factors from the artist to the age as well as materials and then there is the element of personal opinion. One could even say that the value of a piece is determined by what a person will pay for said piece.

Baryn Futa believes that the value of art is determined by its appreciation. If an installation in a park was to be valued, it couldn’t be set by what someone would pay for it because it typically cannot be moved. It would have to be set by the value that it adds to those that view it. Art can have a variety of effects on different people from causing them to think about different topics to reminiscing regarding a memory that the imagery brought about. Regardless of the reaction, art is typically designed for the enjoyment of its audience. Baryn Futa has a passion for high art and being able to support the world of high art brings him great joy. He hopes that through the exploration of high art, the world can become a better place. In observing ourselves through the eyes of artists and their works, we can began to take steps towards the betterment of humanity as a whole.
December 30, 2016
Baryn Futa is absolutely certain that art appreciation serves as a key element of every human society. It is that certainty, along with his view that art it is too often taken for granted and not treated as a priority that serves to push Baryn forward in his quest to drive as many people and as much money to supporting the promotion of the fine arts. He thinks of himself as both a benefactor of the arts and as someone who just appreciates the finer things in life. Over the years, Baryn Futa has come to realize that, unfortunately, too few great artists are appreciated enough to thrive and he is doing what he can to fix that.

That is a key motivation that drives Baryn Futa to work as hard as he can to promote and support artists of all types and sizes. He is aware of his gaood fortune in being in a position to support the arts to the extent that he has. He considers it a privilege, which is why he tries tke on as much responsibility as he can, to pick up the slack for those who can’t help as much as they’d like. It’s all about support.
June 16, 2016
Baryn Futa wasn’t always imbued with such a deep appreciation for the arts. In fact, most of his life was not very artful at all. When he retired, however, he began working with the Denver Art Museum, which led to his current appreciation of the importance of the arts on the society and culture.

During his time at the DAM, he cultivated what has become a deep love of the arts and art history with his attendance at art fairs and museum exhibitions and anything else he could find. He also attended arts classes and began his own art collection, which has grown into something very extensive and impressive over the years. He loans pieces from his collection to a number of museums and he holds memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections of their own.

Through his patronage of the arts, Baryn Futa is hoping to encourage more people to appreciate the arts the way he does. Through that appreciation, he hopes to cultivate more support for artists and their contributions to society.